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Online Payment for Travel Insurance 

Secured by PayPal

- Using this page, you can pay your travel insurance fee with a card or a paypal account.
- If you are paying for more than 1 person, you need to change the quantity (in next page) to the number of persons for whom you are paying.
- Please select the duration of your stay from the drop-down box below. If this is different for your travel-mates, please make a separate payment for them. 
- The insurance policies will be sent to you within one working day.      
- Please send the transaction ID (or your paypal account ID) to your insurance/travel agent, once the payment is made.
- Due to nature of this service, the fee is non-refundable even if your trip is cancelled due to any reason.
- You can select the currency which is more convenient for you.
- 50% of the paid premium for children under 12 will be refunded to you, once policies are issued.

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Duration on Stay
Duration on Stay
Duration on Stay

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